🤖 AI Automation with Multi-Agent Collaboration

🦾Plus: 🔥 NVIDIA unveils Next-Gen Rubin AI platform

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Hey folks! Let’s get into Big Data and AI craziness…

In today's edition:

  • 🔓Jailbreaker of ChatGPT and other leading LLMs

  • 📈Visually Assess Linear Regression Performance

  • 🤖How to fine-tune Phi-3 Vision on a custom dataset

  • ⚙️Modern MLOps with MLFlow

  • 🚀 ElevenLab’s AI Sound Effect Generator has Launched

  • 🎞️ Sony Pictures Eyes AI for Cost Cuts

  • 🤖 AI Tools and Data Tools to checkout

Both data scientists and engineers must be responsible for the issue and must try to solve the issue at any step of the work. Continuous communication ensures that possible discrepancies are recognized in the early stage.

Hire a world class AI team

Engineers who understand AI are expensive and difficult to find, and it can be hard to figure out who to trust. On top of that, 85% of all AI projects fail.

But AE Studio succeeds.

We listen to your business challenge and help you craft and implement the optimal AI solution with our team of world class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

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It has only been a year since the initial release of GPT Researcher, but methods for building, testing, and deploying AI agents have already evolved significantly. That’s just the nature and speed of the current AI progress. What started as simple zero-shot or few-shot prompting, has quickly evolved to agent function calling, RAG and now finally agentic workflows

Pliny has been finding jailbreaks for leading large language models for around 9 months. This article contains an interview with the prompter where they discuss what motivates them, their approach to jailbreaking a new model, legal ramifications from AI jailbreaking, jailbreaking ethics, and more.

Linear regression assumes that the model residuals (=actual-predicted) are normally distributed. If the model is underperforming, it may be due to a violation of this assumption.

In this blog post, we'll be fine-tuning Phi-3 Vision, a model is capable of synthesizing text from image data. The main goal is to create a system that can generate accurate and meaningful textual descriptions based solely on visual inputs.

👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

A realtime and indexing and structured extraction engine for Unstructured Data to build Generative AI Applications.

Interactive grep (for streaming).

Open Source JIRA, Linear and Asana Alternative. Plane helps you track your issues, epics, and product roadmaps in the simplest way possible.

All the goodies from both Mixpanel and Plausible combined into one tool.

The easiest way to use Agentic RAG in any enterprise.

AI News:

Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, announced the Rubin AI platform for 2026 and the Blackwell Ultra chip for 2025. Nvidia views generative AI as the new industrial revolution and aims to position itself at the center of this transformation.

Key Points:

  • Nvidia introduces the Rubin AI platform, set for 2026.

  • Generative AI is viewed as a new industrial revolution by Nvidia.

  • Nvidia plans to expand its customer base beyond cloud-computing giants.

  • New AI tools and software models revealed ahead of Computex in Taiwan.

ElevenLabs introduces a new tool for generating sound effects from simple text prompts. ElevenLabs' tool generates sound effects for various media. Users receive multiple downloadable clips per prompt. Collaboration with Shutterstock enriches the sound library.

Sony Pictures aims to embed AI in filmmaking to cut costs and enhance efficiency, says CEO Tony Vinciquerra. At an investor meeting in Japan, he emphasized the potential of AI to streamline production processes. Alphabet, Meta, and OpenAI are pitching their AI tools to studios, offering lucrative partnerships worth millions.

Anthropic Chief of Staff Avital Balwit wrote an article titled ‘My Last Five Years of Work’, detailing the belief that AI advancements over the next several years will ‘end employment’ as we know it.

Swiss biocomputing startup FinalSpark launched Neuroplatform, the world’s first online system that allows scientists to use living brain cells for computing. The Neuroplatform uses 16 tiny clumps of human brain cells, called organoids, as mini "bioprocessors."

AI Tutorial

🎥 How to create AI videos with Krea AI

The Rundown: Krea AI recently released a powerful AI video generator that allows users to generate videos for free using a combination of images and text prompts.

Step by step:

  1. Visit Krea AI and click on “AI video generation.”

  2. Set up keyframes by importing images or using Krea AI's image generator.

  3. Add text prompts to set the mood, modify scenes, and separate different parts of a video.

  4. Explore additional options, such as duration, music, filters, and style.

  5. Click “Generate Video” and let Krea AI work its magic!

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. podcast.ai, a podcast that is entirely generated by artificial intelligence

  2. Clipwing A tool for cutting long videos into dozens of short clips

  3. aiPDF is an innovative, multi-modal tool designed to work with a wide array of inputs, including ebooks, web articles, YouTube videos, podcasts.

  4. 👨‍⚕️ Yuna - An AI-powered mental health coach smartphone app

  5. 📸 Shakker AI - Stylize, remix and transform your images

  6. ChatHelp.ai AI Chatbot – AI-powered Business, Work, Study Assistant, 100+ AI Tools & Website Chat Widget.

  7. Webscrape AI is an advanced, user-friendly platform that allows individuals and businesses to extract data from the web effortlessly.

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs: aitoolsup.com 

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

👀 If Titanic happened in 2024 (source)

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