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#13 - July 24, 2019 Curated news, articles on Big Data,FinTech, Blockchain, IoT,AI

Essential Skills for every Data SpecialistThe salaries of scientists and data specialists are about $ 100,000 a year, and as we all know, many professions of the last century gradually go. And thanks to artificial intelligence, especially learning the machine and of course robots, and all this will be only the presence of data specialists who feed all these technologies.Deep Learning VS Machine LearningThis article focuses on a major category of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and its more advanced form, Deep Learning (DL). I’ll cover the basic features of each method and offer a comparison. When you set out to create your own AI project, you will hopefully understand which model is the better fit for you.How to Become More Marketable as a Data ScientistIf you’re a data scientist in 2019, you’re already marketable. Since data science has a huge impact on today’s businesses, the demand for DS experts is growing. At the moment I’m writing this, there are 144,527 data science jobs on LinkedIn alone.Understanding the 5Vs of Big DataIn order to understand at what point ‘data’ transitions into being ‘big data’, and what its key elements are, it is imperative that we study the 5 Vs associated with it:  Velocity, Volume, Value, Variety, and Veracity.Why Big Data Keeps Getting BiggerYes, the rate of generation may slow down at night as people send fewer emails and watch fewer videos. But for every person hitting the hay, there is another person on the opposite side of the world that is turning their smartphone on for the day.Azure Data Share Seeks to Streamline Big Data SharingMicrosoft has unveiled its preview for Azure Data Share, a new data service targeted at sharing data across organizations. According to Microsoft, Azure Data Share is targeted at those cases where data is housed with partners or third parties, but sharing the data simply is challenging for users.Big data analytics going 100x faster with Hive and StingerThe Stinger Initiative is a collection of development threads in the Hive community that will deliver 100 times performance improvements with SQL compatibility. It is a live project with THREE defined phases to be delivered over the next few months all in the open community.Big Data GlossaryHere is the Big data glossary, Big Data terms and definitions that would serve as a guide for beginners. Any terms you think we should add? Please Let us know.Hypothetical Indexes in PostgreSQLThe execution time of an SQL in most of the relational databases depends on the cost of the execution. An optimizer chooses the plan that has the lowest cost, and thus considers further phases such as execute and fetch using that plan.Graduate Programs in Big Data Analytics and Data ScienceColleges and Universities are starting to notice the demand for employees with data science skills. Most of the programs are not named data science, but they all focus on producing data people. Below are some Big data online programs and online courses.     Books       Big Data Science & Analytics: A Hands-On Approach  We are living in the dawn of what has been termed as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which is marked through the emergence of "cyber-physical systems" where software interfaces seamlessly over networks with physical systems, such as sensors, smartphones, vehicles, power grids or buildings, to create a new world of Internet of Things (IoT).   Programming Hive: Data Warehouse and Query Language for Hadoop   Need to move a relational database application to Hadoop? This comprehensive guide introduces you to Apache Hive, Hadoop’s data warehouse infrastructure. You’ll quickly learn how to use Hive’s SQL dialect—HiveQL—to summarize, query, and analyze large datasets stored in Hadoop’s distributed filesystem.          For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? Consider sponsoring - grab a spot now.    Big Data | Hadoop News | AI | ML | NoSQL | Education | IoT | Cloud