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#17 - Dec 12, 2019 Curated news, articles on Big Data,FinTech, Blockchain, IoT,AI

How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Work TogetherData is the fuel that drives today’s digital economies. Large organizations, small businesses, and individuals are increasingly relying on data to perform their day to day tasks. Massive sets of data, which are referred to as big data, are analyzed by artificial intelligence systems to give insights.Three Reasons to be a Data AnalystData is everywhere. Businesses today are learning that tapping into the wealth of available data is hugely beneficial. Data on its own is worthless—it has to be analyzed before it can be of any use. Data analysists get to work with this data—gathering and examining itHow Big Data is Changing the Tourism Industry ForeverNowadays, people are no strangers to big data and how it’s used in all industries and niches of business, but how has it affected the travel industry, and what does the future look like? In this article, we’re going to find out.Model-Based Reinforcement Learning: Theory and PracticeThe natural question to ask after making this distinction is whether to use such a predictive model. The field has grappled with this question for quite a while, and is unlikely to reach a consensus any time soon.A practical approach to machine learning to enable everyone to learn, explore and buildData scientist vs. data analyst: What's the difference?Data scientists and data analysts have a lot of crossover in their roles, but they're certainly not the same. Here's a look at some key differences in the positions.This is what the AI industry will look like in 2020As we come to the end of 2019, we reflect on a year whose start already saw 100 machine learning papers published a day and its end looks to see a record-breaking funding year for AI.Future of MongoDB could be brighter than other NoSQL enginesTop NoSQL database MongoDB, once thought of as a revolution in data management, has come back to Earth some, but it still has a chance to stay ahead of competitors.Using Kafka to throttle QPS on MySQL shards in bulk write APIsAt Pinterest, backend core services are in charge of various operations on pins, boards, and users from both Pinners and internal services. While Pinners’ operations are identified as online traffic because of real-time response.TileDB: A Database for Data ScientistsTileDB is a new database (DB) invented to help Data Science teams make faster discoveries by giving them a more powerful way to store, update, analyze, and share large sets of diverse data.What Is Data Preparation and Why Is It Important?Data is regularly described as the “new oil,” which is kind of true: There’s good money to be made by those who use it in clever ways. Data is also fundamentally unlike oil in that, in the right hands, it delivers more than profit — it provides insight and understanding.     Books       Big Data Science & Analytics: A Hands-On Approach  We are living in the dawn of what has been termed as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which is marked through the emergence of "cyber-physical systems" where software interfaces seamlessly over networks with physical systems, such as sensors, smartphones, vehicles, power grids or buildings, to create a new world of Internet of Things (IoT).   Programming Hive: Data Warehouse and Query Language for Hadoop   Need to move a relational database application to Hadoop? This comprehensive guide introduces you to Apache Hive, Hadoop’s data warehouse infrastructure. You’ll quickly learn how to use Hive’s SQL dialect—HiveQL—to summarize, query, and analyze large datasets stored in Hadoop’s distributed filesystem.          For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? Consider Sponsoring - grab a spot now.    Big Data | Hadoop News | AI | ML | NoSQL | Education | IoT | Cloud