BDNW Issue - 31

Join 4th AI ML Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2021 (Jan 26-28)

Dec 4, 2020 

4th AI-ML Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2021 (Jan 26-28)

 We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated 4th AI ML Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2021 (January 26-28), an exciting online event which aims to help pharma and biotech stay ahead of the curve during a critical period for drug developers to make more data driven decisions. 

Learn how to strategically leverage AI technology to transform your pipelines and patient’s lives.  

Here is a sneak-peek at some of our top speakers: 

  • Peter Henstock,¬†Machine Learning¬†& AI Lead,¬†Pfizer¬†

  • Kevin Hua,¬†Senior Manager AI/¬†Machine Learning,¬†Bayer

  • Paul Nioi,¬†Senior Director¬†Research,¬†Alnylam Pharmaceuticals¬†

  • Shameer Khader,¬†Senior Director,¬†Data Science,¬†AstraZeneca¬†

  • Tudor Oprea,¬†Professor -¬†Medicine & Chief¬†of Translational¬†Informatics¬†Division & Internal¬†Medicine,¬†University of New Mexico¬†

  • Uli Schmitz,¬†Senior Director¬†‚ÄstStructural¬†Chemistry¬†Structural¬†Chemistry,¬†Gilead Sciences¬†

For the full agenda breakdown and expert speaker line-up, download your digital full event guide here.