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5 Reasons You Should Consider Implementing DataOps

#35 - Mar 20th, 2021 Curated news, articles on Big Data, FinTech, Blockchain, IoT, AI

Top Data Scientist Skills You May Need In 2021Since 2012, the data scientist’s role has grown by over 650%, and by 2026, there will be 11.5 million jobs in this field. The field has become more lucrative than before, painting an optimistic picture for the jobs in 2021 and beyond.The Next-Level of Operationalizing Machine Learning: Real-time Data Streaming into Data Science EnvironmentsNew Stack’s Streaming Data and the Future Tech Stack report (2019) show a 500% percent increase in the number of companies processing data in real-time for AI/ML use cases. And experts posit a more massive increase in the number of companies following this trend as we approach 2021.Applications of disruptive tech in the housing marketTechnology has been working hard to solve many of the issues and shortcomings of the housing and property market. Various emerging technologies including AI, blockchain, and automation have been working hard to streamline the process, and just make things work a bit better.Data Cleaning And Best Practices To Create A Data Cleaning ProcessThe procedure of preparing data for examination by eradicating and changing the data is known as Data Cleaning. The data that is incomplete, duplicate, incorrect, improperly formatted, and irrelevant are deleted.Why are business intelligence solutions important for your business?Being responsible for the success of the business can cause a lot of stress. Increasing the likelihood that you’re making the right decisions is worth any amount of money and it is not difficult at all. Learn what business intelligence is and how it can help your company.5 Reasons You Should Consider Implementing DataOpsIn this article, I’ll explain what exactly is DataOps, the differences between DevOps and DataOps and the top reasons to implement a DataOps model now. Read on to find out more.How you can set up a successful AI teamAI teams are huge and for every unique aspect of the business it expects a specific skill set. An AI team must have a Domain Expert, Data Engineer, AI Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Scientist, Product Designers, Research Scientist to keep the product going.Green Cloud Computing – The Sustainable Way to Use the CloudEnergy-efficient solutions are necessary to minimize the impact of cloud computing on the environment. Green cloud computing, also known as green information technology, is a potential solution to aide in the reduction of energy consumption.Using Machine Learning in Testing and MaintenanceWith machine learning, we can reduce maintenance efforts and improve the quality of products. It can be used in various stages of the software testing life-cycle, including bug management, which is an important part of the chain.4 ways startups will drive GPT-3 adoption in 2021The introduction of GPT-3 in 2020 was a tipping point for artificial intelligence. In 2021, this technology will power the launch of a thousand new startups and applications. GPT-3 and similar models have brought the power of AI into the hands of those looking to experiment — and the results have been extraordinary.Which Is The Best Investing Coin For Cryptocurrencies?However, this will pay off handsomely as well; through actual usage and future, we vetted 10 of the most common cryptocurrencies. For a bit, these cryptocurrencies have been around as well. If you are looking for best site for cryptocurrency for investing money visit Bitcoin Fast Profit.     Books and Courses       Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think  In the age of big data, we can crunch an incomprehensible amount of information, providing us with invaluable insights about the rather than the why. We're just starting to reap the benefits: tracking vital signs to fore see deadly infections, predicting building fires, anticipating the best         For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? Consider Sponsoring - grab a spot now.   Big Data | Hadoop News | AI | ML | NoSQL | Education | IoT | Cloud