BDNW Issue - 41

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022 ⛄

#41 - Dec 22, 2021  News, articles on Big Data, AI, Data Science, FinTech, Blockchain, IoT.

In-database Machine Learning is the Future of Data AnalyticsIn-database machine learning is where data analytics is headed and it’s making a huge difference in our ability to provide truly predictive analytics and make data actionable at the time we receive it.10 Benefits of Starting Your Career As A Data AnalystIs a career in data analysis a good choice? Yes. Data analysis is a good career choice. Every day the amount of data that is created, copied, captured, and consumed keeps increasing rapidly. That is why the need for people to process data will also keep increasing.Monitor SQL Server for Redundancy Management & Database SizingThere are a lot of reasons to take SQL Server monitoring seriously, and it should be a priority for any database administrator. Two of the top contenders in this context are the opportunity to optimize availability and also to get a better handle on database sizing so that common conundrums can be avoided.How 5G is Changing the World Forever – 5G Use Cases and ApplicationsWhile we all rely heavily on wireless and cellular connectivity in our personal and professional lives, very few people stop to think about how far we have come. The world is currently implementing the fifth generation of internet connectivity, which is thousands of times faster and more capable than the first generation.2021 was the year of monster AI modelsGPT-3, OpenAI’s program to mimic human language,  kicked off a new trend in artificial intelligence for bigger and bigger models. How large will they get, and at what cost?Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022The unrelenting pace of innovation will continue in 2022, and the gap between the ‘haves’ and “have ‘nots’ will likely increase.  The ‘haves’ understand that everything is being powered by software and they’re mastering the software development process with quality, speed and high levels of collaboration.The Importance of Big Data Analytics in BusinessInnovations in technology have completely changed the rules. More sophisticated software systems have significantly reduced analytics time. As a result, organizations are able to make speedy decisions to increase revenue.What Are The Primary Steps To Investing In Crypto?If you are new to investing or want to invest in a cryptocurrency for a much safer future that will benefit you in the long run, we will walk you through the basic steps of investing in a cryptocurrency of your choice.AI GlossaryHere is the glossary of AI, trending AI terms, definitions and frameworks that would serve as a guide for beginners, AI Aspirants and Data experts.Tips for Ensuring that Your Technology is Ahead of CompetitionSo, how do businesses continually improve their technology to gain a competitive advantage? How do they harness the latest technology to grow? This article answers these questions.Applications of Data Science in BusinessAs the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models continues to progress and evolve, it is becoming essential to manage them through dedicated technical platforms and model hubs such as Verta, a platform that notably offers the ModelOps option.Top 5 Data Science Tips For BeginnersDeveloping algorithms, analytics, and artificial intelligence models are part of the analysis process. By turning data patterns into predictions, it enables businesses to make smarter, more informed decisions. Its software crawls through data to find ways and then converts them into forecastsTop 11 Python Frameworks for Web Development In 2022According to the Popularity of Programming Language Index, “python grew the most over the last five years by 19.0%. The TIOBE index puts python web application development at the 3rd place among the most used languages in the world”                                                            ---    For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? Consider Sponsoring - grab a spot now.   Big Data | Hadoop News | AI | ML | NoSQL | Education | IoT | Cloud