BDNW Issue - 69

OpenXLA, Mona's free Data Analysis Tool, 🤖 OpenAI GPT-4

#69 - Mar 15, 2023  News, articles on Big Data, AI, Data Science, Blockchain, IoT.

In Today's edition: 🎉 Try Mona's Free Automated Exploratory Data Analysis Tool 🚗 GM's new ChatGPT-like assistant: ChatGMT? 🚨 Hong Kong University bans ChatGPT: Use ChatGPT, get expelled 🎉 ChatGPT Alternatives - Poe, Claude, Sage, Dragonfly 🤖 OpenAI GPT-4 Try Mona's Free Automated Exploratory Data Analysis ToolSay goodbye to endless manual multivariate data exploration! Mona's new automated exploratory data analysis tool eliminates the need for manual data cleaning, transformation and visualization.Simply upload a CSV and follow a simple wizard. Mona will automatically surface granular insights on patterns and anomalies in your dataset, alongside possible explanations. Join a global community of analysts using this one-of-its-kind free tool to streamline exploratory analysis and make better data-driven decisions faster.Get started for free with Mona!The Principles of Natural Language ProcessingSo, what is Natural Language Processing? NLP involves several steps that help computers process language similarly to humans. Learn more about Natural Language Processing, what it entails and its benefits in general.How AI and Robotics Are Improving Spinal Injury PrognosisSpinal injuries can be life-changing, as there’s often no way to completely reverse the damage caused. However, thanks to advancements in AI and Robotics, it’s possible to improve the prognosis and offer some glimmer of hope in a trying situation.GPT-4 Released!GPT-4 released today and is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers only. User are capped at 100 messages every 4 hours for now. OpenAI will adjust the cap for GPT-4 usage based on demand. When logging into ChatGPT Plus at you should see invite to try out GPT-4. If you don’t see it give it some time, OpenAI is slowing rolling out this option to all Plus subscribers. click here for the research that went to GPT-4.GM's New ChatGPT-like AssistantGeneral Motors is developing a virtual personal assistant for its vehicles similar to ChatGPT.  The voice-activated chatbot will run on Microsoft's Azure cloud service, which has exclusive rights to OpenAI's technology.Discord Begins its AI Race with Clyde botDiscord is going all in on the AI race by leveraging the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to improve its current Clyde bot.6 Machine Learning as a Service Tools for Data AnalyticsMachine-learning-as-a-service (MLaaS) tools for data analytics could increase the accuracy and efficiency of your research in the data science realm without requiring substantial upfront costs from on-site equipment.News and Strategic Insights for IT ProfessionalsStay up-to-date on the latest IT news (and more!) by subscribing to IT Brew. Sign up for free today to start getting all the IT news, insights, and practical guides you need delivered straight to your inbox.Grammarly announced the launch of its new AI tool, GrammarlyGoDo you struggle with writing professional emails or crafting the perfect social media post? Grammarly has recently announced the launch of its new AI tool, GrammarlyGo.5 Advantages of a Universal Semantic Layer for Cloud AnalyticsThe semantic layers have been around for some time now, and each BI tool has its own version. But, with rising data volumes and complexities, business users found it difficult to deal with multiple versions of business terms offered by each platform. 5 Advantages of a Universal Semantic Layer for Cloud Analytics.GPT in 60 Lines of NumPyIn this post, we'll implement a GPT from scratch in just 60 lines of numpy. We'll then load the trained GPT-2 model weights released by OpenAI into our implementation and generate some text.Low-code platforms: The Future of Data AnalyticsAs low-coding development environment makes non-coders to develop applications without facing difficulties. The future of low-code platforms is improving which eliminates the progression of the hard side of coding.The Ultimate Guide To Software Architecture DocumentationThis guide shows you how to write, structure, visualize and manage software architecture documentation in a lean way using appropriate documentation tools.OpenXLA - A Fully Open Source ML Compiler StackOpenXLA is an open source ML compiler ecosystem co-developed by AI/ML industry leaders including Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, AMD, Apple, Arm, Cerebras, Google, Graphcore, Hugging Face, Intel, Meta, and NVIDIAChatGPT Alternatives - Poe, Claude, Sage, DragonflySo a lot of people have been asking us about other chatbots besides ChatGPT. We figured we'd make things easier and put together a quick newsletter this weekend to give you the scoop on some of the other options out there.Right now, there are four main chatbots in the game: ChatGPT, Anthropic's Claude, Sage, and Dragonfly. But just a heads up, if you want to access any of these bots, you'll need to have an account with OpenAI. Or if you're interested in trying out Claude, you can submit an early access form. here.Poe is an AI chatbot by and is powered by ChatGPT, Anthropic’s Claude, Sage, and Dragonfly. All four of these are general knowledge chatbots but in the future Poe will most likely add more topic specific chatbots. I’m thinking maybe a medical/healthcare focused chatbot or a math chatbot, etc. Poe is available via desktop iOS and Android. See to sign up for no cost access and download mobile versions.Hong Kong University Bans ChatGPTThe University of Hong Kong has released guidelines stating that students who use AI tools, including ChatGPT, without proper authorization may be expelled. Trending AI tools: Text to GIF- Enter any text, and het a relevant meme GIF (linkThis Job Does Not Exist- Explore the future of work imagined by AI (linkGetBotz- Set your blog on autopilot with AI (linkGPT Hotline- Connect with the worlds smartest AI on Whatsapp (linkTrellis- ChatGPT-based custom tutor and textbook companion (linkChat YouTube- Chat with any YouTube video from a simple URL (linkKindleGPT- Chat with your Kindle books using OpenAI (linkEleven Labs- Shocking video demonstration of Leonardo DiCaprio (linkDensepose- AI and WiFi signals can track body movements (linkRemoveBG- Replace a background, or clothes in your photos (link Tools halp (GitHub Repo)halp is a tool that can help find the correct arguments for command-line tools. It has a list of commonly used options/flags and can provide quick access to the manual page or cheat sheet of the given command. halp is useful for those who frequently use the command-line, as finding the right commands can be time-consuming.Guardrails (GitHub Repo)Guardrails is a Python package for specifying structure and type, validating, and correcting the outputs of large language models.Stanford Alpaca (GitHub Repo)Stanford Alpaca is an instruction-following LLaMA model.ujrpcUp to 100x Faster FastAPI. JSON-RPC with io_uring, SIMDJSON, and pure CPython bindings.tragic-methodsA collection of script depicting the strange quirks of programming languages.                                                            ---    For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? 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