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🤖 Google I/O and the coming AI battels, Amazon Textract Innovation Series webinar 💻

#73 - May 17, 2023  News, articles on Big Data, AI, Data Science, Blockchain, IoT.

In Today's edition: 💻Register for Amazon Textract Innovation Series Webinar 🤖 Samsung developing ChatGPT-like AI 💬 Amazon Planning Conversational AI Chatbot ⚡️ Big Data for Sustainable Printing Practices 🦄 Stability AI Releases Text-to-Animation 🧾 Claude’s 100K Context Windows 🔥 Data Fetcher Alternatives For Big Data Enrichment 🤯 A.I. Tools and News  🖼️  A.I. Generated Image of the DayWebinar: Amazon Textract Innovation Series: Co-create the future of intelligent document processing with AWS! AWS continues to innovate to help you drive higher business efficiency and faster decision making while reducing costs with document processing. Textract has recently released new features that improve ease of use, accuracy and accelerate the time to get insights out of your documents. Leveraging Big Data for Sustainable Printing PracticesThe convergence of big data with sustainable printing can significantly optimize resources, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to a greener environment.Data Fetcher Alternatives For Big Data EnrichmentData Fetcher allows Airtable users to run, save, and schedule API requests, and it can be used with almost any API to retrieve data and integrate it into your Airtable base.How To Choose the Right BI Tool for Your Business NeedsToday, analytics and BI are top investments for 82% of businesses. In this article, we’ll define business intelligence and review some tips for choosing the best BI solution for your company.Augmented Reality (AR) Advertising Can Boost SalesAs technology advances, businesses can incorporate augmented reality (AR) into their advertising campaigns to enhance customer engagement and boost sales.The Future of Blockchain Technology: Top PredictionsCryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are some of the most talked about topics in the world today. They both have positive and negative sides, which make it hard to predict the future. However, experts in cryptocurrencies have developed a list of predictions that are likely to be true about the blockchains through which the digital currencies are operated. A Comprehensive Guide to API Gateways, Kubernetes Gateways, and Service MeshesThere is still a lot of confusion about API gateways, Kubernetes gateways, and service meshes. This article explains these technologies and share how they fundamentally differ and cater to different use cases.What is a Vector Database?A vector database is a type of database that is optimized for storing and searching vector data. Vector data is data that is represented as a list of numbers, such as the results of a machine learning algorithm. Vector databases can be used to perform similarity search, which is the task of finding the most similar items in a dataset.🤖 AI News:Google I/O and the Coming AI Battles  This year's Google I/O managed to combine its clear AI capabilities and the products in which to manifest them with the urgency and aggressiveness of a company feeling threatened for the first time in years.ChatGPT creators try to use artificial intelligence to explain itselfChatGPT’s creators have attempted to get the system to explain itself.MIT scientists find something alarming about artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence makes harsher judgments than humans on whether rules have been broken, a new study claims.Samsung developing ChatGPT-like AI 🤖Following the recent ban of ChatGPT by Samsung due to data leaks by its employees, they are now making a move to develop their own generative AI platform.Samsung recognizes the immense benefits of AI, and as a result, they are partnering with a South Korean company called Naver to make its own version of AI. However, this AI tool will not be available to the public like ChatGPT, as it is exclusively designed for internal use by Samsung employees.Amazon Planning Conversational AI ChatbotAmazon plans to create an AI-powered chatbot, similar to what Google has done recently to improve its search experience.Their goal is to use AI to make their search feature more interactive and helpful to its users. And they want to achieve it by making it as easy as chatting to find the products, compare different options, and get the best recommendations.Stability AI Releases Text-to-AnimationStability AI has introduced the Stable Animation SDK. This tool enables artists and developers to utilize advanced Stable Diffusion models in order to generate animations. Users can create animations using prompts, source images, or source videosClaude’s 100K Context WindowsAnthropic has expanded the context window of their AI model Claude from 9,000 tokens to 100,000 tokens, equivalent to about 75,000 words. This allows anyone to submit extensive materials for analysis, and conversations with Claude can now last for hours or even days. While an average person takes several hours to read and comprehend 100,000 tokens of text, Claude can do it in less than a minute.🤖 AI Ethics: NASA and Ethical AI: A conversation with Caroline CowardThey discuss how AI systems have a crucial role to play in shaping the future and it is imperative that they are designed with the utmost care to ensure that they are as unbiased and inclusive as possible.World’s first artificial intelligence law moves closer to passage in European ParliamentTo the alarm of mostly-US industry, the EU AI Act gets preliminary nod to control the emerging technology – and sets the stage for months of negotiations in Brussels and WashingtonEurope takes aim at ChatGPT with what might soon be the West’s first A.I. law.A committee of lawmakers in the European Parliament on Thursday approved the EU’s AI Act, making it closer to becoming law.  AI tools supercharge your productivity:  Contlo ai - Let AI assist you with end-to-end campaign management, while you sit back and relax. (LinkAudyo is an AI-powered tool designed to create and edit human-like voices by typing. (LinkAgentGPT allows you to configure and deploy Autonomous AI agents. (LinkPrezo is an AI-powered software platform designed to help users create professional-grade slide decks (linkLebesgue- An AI CMO that analyzes your data, and your competitors and detects global trends to craft the perfect marketing strategy (linkPoe- API for developers to build on Poe is now available (linkChatWeb3- ChatGPT for the web3 space. Onboards beginners and makes Crypto education easy (linkFeed The AI- Weekly updates of the biggest AI-funded companies (linkThe ChatGPT Fund- A community experiment fund that lets ChatGPT invest your money (linkHumata- Ask AI anything about your files (link)View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:🤖 AI Tools UpHave cool resources to share? Submit a tool or reach us by replying to this email.   Tools smol developer (GitHub Repo)smol developer is an AI-based junior developer prototype that can create a codebase based on a product specification. It is flexible and allows developers to create their own scaffolding prompts based on iterative feedback. smol developer is focused on human-centric and coherent whole program synthesis.ast-grep(sg) (GitHub Repo)ast-grep(sg) is a tool designed for code searching, linting, and rewriting on a large scale. It is based on the AST-tool and searches for code by pattern matching via AST nodes rather than text.jscanify (GitHub Repo)jscanify is a mobile document scanner implemented in pure JavaScriptLocalStatusAutomatically monitor your local dev environment (services, repos, and more).garphFullstack GraphQL Framework for TypeScript.MineCloudAn AWS CDK project to set up an almost free on-demand Minecraft (or other game) server for a Discord community in a few minutes.InlyneA GPU powered yet browsless tool to help you quickly view markdown files in the blink of an eye.FlowiseDrag & drop UI to build your customized LLM flow using LangchainJS.     A.I. 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