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Introduction to streaming for Data Scientists 👨‍💻

#80 - Aug 28, 2023  News, articles on Big Data, AI, Data Science, ML, Cloud, IoT.

         Together with  In today's edition: ⚡️ Stephen King’s AI statement 📚👀 💻 Meta launches Code Llama for coding 🚀 Top 50 Big Data Analytics Tools 🚀 Real-time machine learning: challenges and solutions 🚀 OpenAI and Scale’s partnership 👫 ⚡️ America’s public companies are embracing AI fever 🏈 Amazon brings new AI-driven features to football 🚀 AI And Blockchain Firms Team Up To Fight Climate Change 🤯 A.I. Tools and News  🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day  Hire vetted developers in US time zones, fastNeed speed and flexibility in scaling dev teams? Revelo is the largest platform to hire world-class remote developers from LatAm. Get matched with vetted candidates in 3 days and receive a $2,500 credit on first hire. Start with a risk-free trial!  Hire Developers!Google People + AI GuidebookThe People + AI Guidebook is a set of methods, best practices and examples for designing with AI. Our recommendations are based on data and insights from over a hundred Googlers, industry experts, and academic research.Top 10 Free And Open Source Business Intelligence Software!This data and the subsequent information is becoming essential for the businesses to plan their future development and marketing strategies. That is why the use of Open-Source Business Intelligence software is becoming the need of time.20 ChatGPT Plugins for Data ScienceIn this article, we will dive into 20 ChatGPT plugins specifically designed to enhance data science workflows and empower data scientists to unlock the full potential of their projects.Introducing pg_laterAsynchronous Queries for Postgres, Inspired by Snowflake.Introduction to streaming for data scientistsAs a data scientist, you shouldn’t have to build or maintain a streaming system yourself. Your company should have infrastructure to help you with this. However, understanding where streaming is useful and why streaming is hard could help you evaluate the right tools and allocate sufficient resources for your needs.Top 50 Big Data Analytics Tools and Software You should know in 2023In this blog, we will be discussing the top 50 big data analytics tools (in no particular order) that are being leveraged by data scientists.Real-time machine learning: challenges and solutionsReal-time machine learning is the approach of using real-time data to generate more accurate predictions and adapt models to changing environments. A year ago, I wrote a post on how machine learning is going real-time.8 Things To Consider When Hiring A Data ScientistAs organizations increasingly rely on advanced analytics and modeling to improve decision-making, the demand for skilled data scientists has skyrocketed. However, you need to do a bit of research before recruiting and hiring these in-demand professionals for your company.How we reduced the size of our JavaScript bundles by 33%This post outlines Dropbox's successful efforts to decrease the size of their JavaScript bundles by 33%, detailing the optimization techniques and tools used to improve frontend performance and user experience.A Playground for LLM Apps: How AI Engineers Use HumanloopIn the evolving LLM app stack, a British company called Humanloop has — perhaps accidentally — defined a new category of product: an LLM “playground.” It’s a platform where developers can test various LLM prompts, and then deploy the best ones into an application with full DevOps-style measurement and monitoring.🤖 AI News:Meta releases Code Llama, an AI tool for codingMeta has introduced Code Llama, an advanced AI tool designed for coding tasks. This language model is optimized to generate and discuss code using text prompts. Code Llama aims to enhance developer workflows, potentially making them more efficient and accessible, especially for those learning to code.  Code Llama is an AI model built on top of Llama 2, fine-tuned for generating and discussing code. It’s free for research and commercial use.AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodiesMIT researchers developed an AI technique that enables a robot to develop complex plans for manipulating an object using its entire hand, not just the fingertips. This model can generate effective plans in about a minute using a standard laptop.Stephen King’s AI statement 📚 👀Stephen King: My Books Were Used to Train AIOne prominent author responds to the revelation that his writing is being used to coach artificial intelligence.🤝 OpenAI partners with ScaleAI to bring enterprise fine-tuning to GPT3.5OpenAI and Scale are joining forces to help more companies benefit from fine-tuning our most advanced models. Companies expect high performance, steerability, and customization when it comes to deploying AI in productionHow ChatGPT turned generative AI into an “anything tool”The chief technology officer of a robotics startup told me earlier this year, “We thought we’d have to do a lot of work to build ‘ChatGPT for robotics.’ Instead, it turns out that, in a lot of cases, ChatGPT is ChatGPT for robotics.”America’s public companies are embracing AI fever.More than 1,000 companies mentioned the technology in their quarterly reports this summer, up from just 36 a decade ago, according to a Washington Post analysis.💰 NVIDIA buys back $25B in sharesNvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, expects the AI boom to continue and has significantly backed his optimism with large investments, including a $25B buyback of company shares.Britain to host global AI summit at Enigma siteBritain will host a global AI summit in November at Bletchley Park, the historical site where the Enigma code was deciphered during World War II. The event will gather tech executives, officials, and academics to address AI risks, including its use in elections and warfareMeta confirms AI ‘kill switch’ coming to Instagram and Facebook in EuropeThe feature will give users in the EU the ability to switch off AI-powered personalizations, like AI-driven news feeds based on user data. Content could instead potentially be ranked by chronological order or local popularity.This 'mind-reading' AI system can recreate what your brain is seeingCan AI read minds? A virtual reality headset called “MinD-Vis“ allows users to control a metaverse with their minds.Ai And Blockchain Firms Team Up To Fight Climate ChangeVeChain and SingularityNET have partnered to combine blockchain and AI technologies with the goal of reducing carbon emissions. The collaboration aims to use VeChain's supply-chain data and SingularityNET's AI algorithms to optimize carbon output and minimize pollution. Hire vetted developers in US time zones, fastNeed speed and flexibility in scaling dev teams? Revelo is the largest platform to hire world-class remote developers from LatAm. Get matched with vetted candidates in 3 days and receive a $2,500 credit on first hire. Start with a risk-free trial!Hire Developers!IBM reports analog AI chips patterned after the human brainIBM Research has developed an analog AI chip inspired by the human brain to enhance efficiency and reduce battery drain in AI projects. The mixed-signal chip contains 64 analog in-memory cores, each hosting an array of synaptic cell units.Artificial intelligence chip giant Nvidia sees sales more than doubleThe California-based company dominates the market for chips used in artificial intelligence systems.🏈 Amazon Prime brings AI to the NFL to enhance real-time storytellingAmazon's Prime Video is gearing up for its second year as the exclusive rights holder to the NFL's Thursday Night Football (TNF) and is introducing several AI-driven features to enhance the viewing experience 🤖 AI Ethics: 10 top resources to build an ethical AI frameworkTo illuminate the various nuances of ethical AI, government agencies, regulators and independent groups are developing ethical AI frameworks, tools and resources.White House science adviser calls for more safeguards against artificial intelligence risksWhen President Joe Biden has questions about artificial intelligence, one expert he turns to is his science adviser Arati Prabhakar, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy  AI tools supercharge your productivity: - A machine learning framework that makes it easier to train, deploy and monitor machine learning models Synthesia - Create AI videos from text. Easy, cheap, scalable. Human presenters is an AI-powered copywriter that generates high-quality copy for your business. Your job search sidekick and s applying AI to the challenge of finding a job. Lex: Unlock your best writing. A natural use case for LLMs has been content creation. Elythea is using ML to identify expecting moms at high-risk of pregnancy complications weeks in advance of delivery. Cursor is an AI-driven code editor that accelerates software development Alta AI provides an AI chatbot builder that integrates with Google Drive and Slack. Eightify extracts key insights from lengthy YouTube videos. 💌 HoppyCoppy- Generate better emails and newsletters in seconds with AI View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:🤖 AI Tools UpHave cool resources to share? Submit a tool or reach us by replying to this email.   Data Tools, LibrariesOnboard AIOnboard lets you enter the link for any GitHub repo and turns into a subject matter expert on it. You can ask our AI chat questions to find where in the repo certain functionality is, where a specific code change should be made, and more.Minimum Viable Secure ProductA minimum security baseline for enterprise-ready products and services GodModeAI Chat Browser: Fast, Full webapp access to ChatGPT / Claude / Bard / Bing / Llama2!VisionScriptA high-level programming language for using computer vision.stable-diffusion.cppStable Diffusion in pure C/C++JaktJakt is a memory-safe systems programming language.IncusIncus is a modern, secure and powerful system container and virtual machine manager. Recommended ReadingThe Average JoeThe IKEA instructions for investing to help you to become a better investor. Market trends & insights that are simple, concise, and impactful.Peak PerformanceFor business professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about starting, growing, and scaling a business. 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