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🚀Augmenting PostgreSQL with AI using EvaDB

#81 - Sep 22, 2023  News, articles on Big Data, AI, Data Science, ML, Cloud, IoT.

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In today's edition:

  • 🚀 Augmenting PostgreSQL with AI using EvaDB

  • 🚀Key Data Science Concepts 

  • HR and Big Data: Risks to Consider

  • ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak

  • 🦾 Amazon Invests $4bn in Anthropic AI

  • 🖼️ DALL·E 3 is here and it can spell

  • 🦾 Microsoft reveals Copilot,

  • 📺 YouTube leans into AI for creators

  • 📘 These five A.I. terms were added to

  • Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in AI

  • The Generative AI Market Map

  • 🤯 A.I. Tools and News 

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Transformer-based language models are powerful tools for solving various language tasks and represent a phase shift in natural language processing. With this book, you'll learn the tools, techniques, and playbooks for building valuable products that incorporate the power of language models

Data Analysis: SQL or Python vs point-and-click product analytics tools [Twitter / X Discussion]
Folks who use SQL or Python for data analysis, why do / don't you use point-and-click product analytics tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap, Pendo, etc? I observed a clear divide here between technical and non-technical folks in my career so far.

Impact of AI-Powered Predictive Analytics on Marketing Strategies in the Era of Big Data
Data has become the lifeblood of successful marketing strategies in today’s digital age. The advent of Big Data has inundated marketers with an overwhelming amount of information about their customers, and harnessing this data for effective decision-making has never been more critical.

How to make history with LLMs & other generative models
In this post, I want to expand on some ideas that I’m particularly excited about and others that I’m less certain of reaching venture-scale as standalone businesses.

Augmenting PostgreSQL with AI using EvaDB

In this article, we illustrate how EvaDB seamlessly integrates AI into your PostgreSQL workflows for solving complex data manipulation tasks. In particular, we demonstrate how EvaDB enables AI-powered semantic join between tables that do not directly share a column that can be joined on…

Key Data Science Concepts
As someone who’s seen both the pre-digital and digital evolution of data science education, I’ve marveled at how platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity, and DataCamp have democratized access to high-quality resources. For budding data scientists, understanding core concepts is pivotal, and these platforms serve as a lighthouse. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover these crucial concepts that every online learner should be familiar with.

PostgreSQL Performance Tuning, Part I: How to Size Your Database
In this four-part series, learn how to fine-tune your PostgreSQL database for performance as your data and query volume grow—starting with properly sizing your CPU and memory.

  • Part II: Key Parameters - A deep dive into the key parameters to improve your PostgreSQL performance tuning and scale your database.

AI Tools for creating a logo
When it comes to creating a logo, there are various tools available that can help you bring your vision to life. Whether you’re a professional designer or someone looking to create a logo for personal use, these tools offer a range of features and functionalities to suit your needs.

HR and Big Data: Risks to Consider
In an era where Big Data is transforming our workplaces, professionals in Human Resources aren’t left untouched. As HR personnel seek innovative tools to hire, retain, and manage employees efficiently, they can’t ignore the potential of Big Data.

🤖 AI News:

🦾 Microsoft reveals Copilot: “Everyday AI companion"

Microsoft just went HAM at their Microsoft Surface and AI event, announcing Microsoft 365 Copilot and 365 Chat, and significant updates to Windows 11 and Bing.
The Playbook to AI and Start-Ups with Kleiner Perkins

One area of research and startups right now is how to run better and better models without upgrading hardware, since consumers don’t have the same infrastructure, says Leigh Marie Braswell, partner at Kleiner Perkins, in her discussion with Anurag Rana, senior software analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

The Generative AI Market Map

Unlike last year’s map, we have chosen to organize this map by use case rather than by model modality. This reflects two important thrusts in the market: Generative AI’s evolution from technology hammer to actual use cases and value, and the increasingly multimodal nature of generative AI applications.

🎭 OpenAI introduces DALL-E 3—October release

OpenAI recently introduced DALL-E 3, a sophisticated image generator that accurately crafts visuals from intricate text prompts, and has marked early October for integration with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak

ChatGPT can now see your images, hear your voice, and answer your questions in a human-like voice. Multimodality — the ability to process images and voice, in addition to text — is finally here.

Amazon To Invest $4 Billion In Anthropic AI

Amazon is investing up to $4 billion in Anthropic, an AI startup known for its Claude chatbot and founded by former OpenAI employees. This move signals Amazon's entry into the competitive AI field. Anthropic's Claude chatbot, similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard, claims to be safer and can revise its responses independently.
Microsoft is going nuclear to power its AI ambitions

Microsoft plans to use next-generation nuclear reactors to power its data centers and AI ambitions. It has posted a job listing for a principal program manager to lead its nuclear energy strategy. Data centers use a ton of energy. Nuclear technology can provide the clean energy required for the company to hit its climate goals. Microsoft is specifically looking for someone who can roll out a plan for small modular reactors.

Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in AI
The TIME100 AI is a compilation of 100 influential figures in the field of artificial intelligence. The TIME100 AI includes a diverse range of individuals, from young activists advocating for ethical AI to seasoned experts like Geoffrey Hinton, who has raised concerns about the technology he helped create.

38TB of data accidentally exposed by Microsoft AI researchers
Wiz Research found a data exposure incident on Microsoft’s AI GitHub repository, including over 30,000 internal Microsoft Teams messages – all caused by one misconfigured SAS token.

These five A.I. terms were added to has added several new words and expanded definitions to its list, reflecting the evolving English language and the influence of generative AI.  It added generative AI, GPT (likely referring to OpenAI's GPT models), hallucinate, chatbot - noun., and LLM (Large Language Model)

AI is changing how we work and create. It's also damaging our environment.

Generative AI is changing how people work, complete assignments, date, and create. But the massive computer systems powering AI consume vast amounts of water and emit tons of carbon.

Google is developing an AI-powered microscope to help doctors spot cancer
Google has prototyped the Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) with AI upgrades for real-time visual indications to help in categorizing samples and detecting cancer cells or infections in partnership with the Department of Defense. The Defense Innovation Unit intends to provide military ARMs at a cost of $90,000-$100,000.

Designing Large Language Model Applications

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🤖 AI Ethics: 

🏛️White House closed-door AI meeting: recap
Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech leaders discussed the potential and risks of AI in a closed-door meeting with U.S. senators. Musk expressed concerns about AI's potential threat to humanity, while Gates highlighted its potential to address world hunger.

 AI tools supercharge your productivity: 

  1. - A machine learning framework that makes it easier to train, deploy and monitor machine learning models

  2. Monterey AI: Turn millions of data points into instant insights.

  3. Glimpse is a browser extension that understands any site you visit. Read faster, write better & surf smarter.

  4. GiveFlag is an AI platform that accelerates business processes by automating tasks in operations and transactions.

  5. Môveo AI introduces personalized AI virtual agents powered by cutting-edge NLP and Generative AI.

  6. AskCodi, the ultimate coding companion, empowers developers with interactive workbooks, real-time chat support

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:

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 Data Tools

Open-source toolkit to build an AI copilot for SaaS products.

HyperDX helps engineers figure out why production is broken faster by centralizing and correlating logs, metrics, traces, exceptions and session replays in one place. An open source and developer-friendly alternative to Datadog and New Relic.

Catala is a domain-specific language for deriving faithful-by-construction algorithms from legislative texts.

A proto-database inspired by SQLite, written in C for educational purposes.

Local-first sync layer for web and mobile apps. Build reactive, realtime, local-first apps directly on Postgres. 

A collaborative digital whiteboard.

A curated list of awesome things related to Bun.

A faster CSV parser in 5KB (min). 

A.I. Generated Image of the Day

 Subterranean pier delivering cargo on stone ships (source

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