Big Data News Weekly - Issue 5

#5  - Oct 27, 2018Curated news, articles and Books related to Big Data.

    MongoDB Mistakes to Avoid & the Best Practices to Follow MongoDB is supposed to be a greatly-in-demand NoSQL database. As per experts, developers are used to making many mistakes while working on various MongoDB projects. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid.  6 Machine Learning as a Service Tools for Data Analytics Machine-learning-as-a-service (MLaaS) tools for data analytics could increase the accuracy and efficiency of your research in the data science realm without requiring substantial upfront costs from on-site equipment.  Big data use cases One of the key best practices for successful implementation of a big data analytics solution is to validate the business use case for big data. It will help organization with two important aspects for success: Here are some Big Data Use Cases.  Useful Big Data resources Some of the key resources and projects on the web to guide your Big Data strategy going into 2016. Below are the great number of interesting articles, tutorials, links, and resources on various Big Data technologies.  Hadoop Big Data at Risk From DemonBot, Radware Warns A botnet is taking advantage of unsecured Hadoop big data clusters, attempting to use victims to help launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.  Digging into Data Science Tools: Docker A Docker container is like a little Linux OS, preinstalled with everything you need to run your web app, machine learning model, script, or any other code you write.  Watermarks in Apache Flink Made Easy As folks first begin to work with Flink, watermarks can be a source of confusion. But this topic doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s work through a simple example that will show why we need watermarks, and how they work.  Apache Hadoop Ozone – Object Store Architecture Apache Hadoop Ozone is a distributed key-value store that can efficiently manage both small and large files alike. Ozone is designed to work well with the existing Apache Hadoop ecosystem and also fill the need for a new open-source object store that  Trends in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Data The major trend observed across industry and the public sector is artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) for automation. This, in turn, plays a major part in any digital transformation journey.  Why you need to merge big data, IoT and blockchain The trifecta of information technology advancements in the early twenty-first century, big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain have been on everyone's lips since they broke into the mainstream.        Books       Data Insights: New Ways to Visualize and Make Sense of Data  Data Insights offers multi-disciplinary perspectives and useful information about how visualizations can open your eyes to data. This thought-provoking book takes a conversational approach to presenting an overview of the subject, while also focusing on key details.    Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data 1st Edition  As one of the most comprehensive machine learning texts around, this book does justice to the field's incredible richness, but without losing sight of the unifying principles. Peter Flach's clear, example-based approach begins by discussing how a spam filter works, which gives an immediate introduction to machine learning in action, with a minimum of technical fuss    For a detailed list of books covering Big data Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and associated programming languages check out our big data books page.  Want to reach our audience / fellow readers? Consider sponsoring - grab a spot now.   Big Data | Hadoop News | AI | ML | NoSQL | Education | IoT | Cloud