🤖 Building a Modern ETL Pipeline

🚀 ARK's 15 Big Ideas for Future Innovation

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In today's edition:

  • 📈10 Benefits of Starting Your Career As A Data Analyst

  • 🌐The fastest-growing countries for software development

  • 💻BuildKit in depth: Docker's build engine explained

  • 💻Data modeling for analytics

  • 🌟The developer's guide to Kubernetes Operators

  • 🤖 Master Machine Learning Algorithms Book

  • 📜 AI helps reveal ancient texts in Vesuvius Challenge

  • 🌟Global Risks Report 2024

  • 🤖 ARK's 15 Big Ideas for Future Innovation

  • Introducing Next-Gen Gemini AI

  • 🚨 Deepfake costs company $25 million

  • 🤖AI Tools and news

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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Is a career in data analysis a good choice? Yes. Data analysis is a good career choice. Every day the amount of data that is created, copied, captured, and consumed keeps increasing rapidly. That is why the need for people to process data will also keep increasing.

This article aims at explaining the intricacies of constructing a modern data pipeline on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This content has been tailored for professionals in the AI field, thus providing meaningful details about my journey on building a data pipeline for ML data acquisition.

GitHub releases data on developer contributions quarterly as part of its Innovation Graph project. The most recent batch of data, released on January 18, shows a jump in the number of developers from Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

BuildKit takes configuration files and converts them into built artifacts using parallelizing build steps whenever possible.

What #physical data modeling pattern(s) should one choose to build a part of your (modern) dataware house aka lakehouse with in a cloud based 'analytical database' like Snowflake, Bigquery, Databricks, Redshift or Synapse

Kubernetes Operators are constructed from different parts and components. This cross-referenced guide will list components you need to know to get started developing operators using the Operator Framework.

In the realm of distributed databases, Apache Cassandra stands out as a significant player. It offers a blend of robust scalability and high availability without compromising on performance.

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🤖 AI News:

AI algorithms just unlocked text from a charred, 2,000-year-old scroll from Herculaneum's vast Roman library, buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius' in 79 A.D.

Meta just published a blog outlining new efforts to label AI-created images and media across its platforms while pushing for common standards around identifying synthetic content.

Lookout is an app made by Google to help blind and people who can't see well. The app is designed to help blind and low-vision users understand their surroundings. People can also ask follow-up questions for more information about an image.

ARK Invest's report details AI's future industry impact.

Why it matters: Emphasizes AI's central role in future technological and economic landscapes.

DeepMind's Gemini pushes AI capabilities, offering unparalleled performance. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Sundar Pichai and Demis Hassabis introduce Gemini.

  • Gemini offers multimodal capabilities across text, code, audio, image, and video.

  • Optimized versions include Ultra, Pro, and Nano.

  • Exceeds state-of-the-art on 30 out of 32 benchmarks.

  • Gemini Ultra outperforms human experts in MMLU.

Global Risks Report 2024

China has approved this year’s first batch of large language models (LLMs) – the technology used to train ChatGPT and similar services – as a growing number of domestic technology companies are helping drive the wider adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries.

example of Deepfake

In a startling revelation, a Hong Kong multinational was defrauded of HK$200 million ($25.6 million) through a deepfake scam. The fraudsters created a convincing video conference featuring the company’s CFO and other employees using AI, tricking an employee into transferring the funds to fraudulent accounts.

Researchers at Carnegie Melon University and ETH Zurich just developed a framework allowing four-legged robots to navigate cluttered spaces at high speeds of nearly 7 MPH without collisions.

💡 Tip of the Day

Use this prompt to create custom mockups for your product photos or designs, featuring a green screen background for easy customization with Midjourney, tailored to your business or product.

📱💬 Over the shoulder shot of a person holding an iPhone with a completely <color> screen

🖥️ 💬 Over the shoulder shot of a person in front of an entirely <color> computer screen

→ Make sure to take in consideration reflections, for example, using the green screen with the desktop computer can result in green reflection all over the image.

💡 Top 10 Tech Trends

🤖 AI Ethics: 

A crucial team at Google that reviewed new AI products for compliance with its rules for responsible AI development faces an uncertain future after its leader departed this month.

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. Verk- Hire AI employees to add more firepower to your team, who work 24/7 to do sales, be your personal assistant, do graphic designing and more…

  2. Codetoflow enables you to understand the code in simple terms using a flowchart which enables you to understand the details

  3. DocXter is a smart, simple, and easy-to-use document intelligence application.

  4. 📁 Flipner creates text faster than ever with this AI-powered, pocket-sized writing assistant.

  5. ⏩  Quarzite writes complex prompts with ease, iterates, and compares the quality of outputs.

  6. 🗃️ Supadash connects your database and instantly gets AI-generated charts.

  7. 📄 Workhack grades your online forms with AI

 View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:

Have cool resources to share? Submit a tool or reach us by replying to this email. 


👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Mojo CSS (Website)

Mojo CSS is a framework for crafting UIs without shipping any CSS. It features multiple color themes, a small package size, compatibility with a wide range of technologies, and more.

AdonisJs is a fullstack Web framework with focus on ergonomics and speed . It takes care of much of the Web development hassles, offering you a clean and stable API to build Web apps and micro services.

Chat with your SQL database. Accurate Text-to-SQL Generation via LLMs using RAG.

Minimal Documentation Framework, powered by React + Vite.

Zero-downtime, reversible, schema migrations for Postgres.

Native Kubernetes desktop client.

A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Midjourney v6 to create “Grand Theft Auto” versions of famous people. The results are incredible. Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein (source)

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