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Hey folks! Let’s get into Big Data and AI craziness…

In today's edition:

  • 📊How to Use React Developer Tools

  • 🤝 OpenAI partners with Stack Overflow

  • 💡 Oracle reveals Code Assist

  • 📚 Best Practices for ML Engineering

  • 👀 Microsoft is developing MAI-1

  • 🍏 Apple's AI Ambitions

  • 🌐 Meta's New AI Tools Enhance Creativity

  • 🤖 AI Tools and Data Tools to checkout

Snowflake enables businesses to streamline their data operations, drive innovation, and gain actionable insights faster than ever before. In this article, we’ll look into some best practices for excelling in data engineering within Snowflake.

An entirely new way to present ideas

Gamma’s AI creates beautiful presentations, websites, and more. No design or coding skills required. Try it free today.

Traditional browser developer tools are designed to inspect and debug web pages by interacting with your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. However, you can't use them to inspect and debug React applications efficiently due to the nature of React.

OpenAI just announced a new partnership with the developer platform Stack Overflow to enhance the performance of its AI models in programming tasks. Stack Overflow will utilize OpenAI models as part of their development of OverflowAI and work with OpenAI to leverage insights from internal testing to maximize the performance of OpenAI models.

Oracle has announced plans for an AI-powered service to help developers rapidly program apps based on Java, SQL and the Oracle Cloud infrastructure. When released, Oracle Code Assist will join a small but growing number of similar services, such as GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer, aimed at accelerating the app development lifecycle

Today, I want to tell you about DoubleCloud, a platform specifically designed to streamline all data analytics projects by addressing the challenges we will discuss shortly.

This document is intended to help those with a basic knowledge of machine learning get the benefit of best practices in machine learning from around Google. It presents a style for machine learning, similar to the Google C++ Style Guide and other popular guides to practical programming.

👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Convex is the backend-as-a-service for fullstack app development. Convex replaces your database, server functions, scheduling, storage, vector search, etc.

A minimal GPU design in Verilog to learn how GPUs work from the ground up.

A framework for building custom AI Copilots in-app AI chatbots, in-app AI Agents, & AI-powered Textareas.

NAND is a logic simulator suite made entirely from NAND gates.

Effortlessly deploy a status page and start monitoring endpoints in minutes.

🤖 AI News:

Microsoft is set to launch its own 500B AI model, MAI-1. Microsoft's creation of MAI-1 shows it's moving away from relying on OpenAI. Led by Mustafa Suleyman, the project aims for Microsoft's AI self-reliance. The goal is to beat other tech giants with better AI tools.

Meta enhances its generative AI tools, allowing advertisers to craft full images for more dynamic ads. Expanded generative AI features for dynamic advertising. Full image variation including product and background. Potential for misuse in advertising representations. Robust guardrails to maintain quality and appropriateness.

Apple is developing chips aimed at running AI software within data centers. Apple's Project ACDC involves custom AI chips. Collaboration with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Focus on AI inference, a strategic move against competitors.

OpenAI is working on a tool that uses AI to predict if an image was created using AI (particularly DALL-E 3) to prevent deep fakes and misinformation.

AI Tutorial

How to create personalized AI videos with just a selfie

Higgsfield’s new app called Diffuse can generate videos from text prompts and can use selfies to generate personalized clips featuring that person

  1. Download the Diffuse app on iOS or Android

  2. Choose a video template from their content library

  3. Upload a selfie and wait a few minutes

  4. Check your personalized video and share/download it.

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. Auto Streamer, your digital alchemist turning ideas into engaging learning experiences

  2. BeeDone is an innovative productivity app that marries AI technology with the art of gamification

  3. Lewis is an AI-powered, prompt-based storytelling and content creating platform

  4. OnlyChar AI - Chat with your favorite AI characters in NSFW. Uncensored 40,000+ characters.  

  5. AI Icon Generator, an intuitive platform that seamlessly transforms your textual ideas into bespoke icons

  6. Alice - A native app that offers fast and reliable experience with models (OpenAI, Perplexity, Claude and more)

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs: aitoolsup.com 

Have cool resources to share? Submit AI tool 


A.I. Generated Image of the Day

👀 used Midjourney v6 to create photorealistic interpretations of famous artworks. (source)

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