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🦾Plus: 💻 Microsoft unveils ‘AI-first‘ PCs

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Hey folks! Let’s get into Big Data and AI craziness…

In today's edition:

  • 🤖Model Uncertainty in Deep Learning

  • 🚀 Microsoft's expansion of AI tools for developers

  • 👨‍💻Difference between Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, and ActiveMQ

  • Stripe's monorepo developer environment

  • 💸 AI Pin Flops: Humane Seeks $1B Buyer

  • 🛠️ Sam Altman: AI’s Safe for Use

  • 🤖 AI Tools and Data Tools to checkout

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm, founded on the principle of ‘objects’, which can contain both data and code. Within OOP, data takes the form of fields (AKA ‘properties’ or ‘attributes’), whereas code takes the form of procedures (AKA ‘methods’). - Outsmart Most People with 1-Click AI

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Best features:

  • Chat with the latest AI like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5, all in one place.

  • Perfect your writing anywhere with 1-click AI without copy-pasting.

  • Save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summaries.

  • Reply 10x faster with AI on email, social media, and messaging web apps.

  • Rapidly turn your visions into stunning images with AI art generators.

Microsoft just kicked off its Build developer event, providing details on new AI features like Copilot+ Recall, a slew of new partnerships, a new multimodal Phi-3 model, the introduction of agent capabilities, and more.

  • Microsoft and Cognition will bring Cognition’s autonomous AI software agent, Devin, to customers to help them with complex tasks such as code migration and modernization projects. As part of the agreement, Devin will be powered by Azure.

  • CEO Satya Nadella expanded on the new Recall feature, which will run locally and take constant screenshots to remember user actions on Copilot+ PCs.

  • A new Phi-3-vision multimodal model is now available, along with the general availability of previously unveiled Phi-3-small and Phi-3-medium.

  • The company introduced Team Copilot, an AI agent to assist users in Microsoft apps, and Copilot Studio, a tool for developers to create and deploy AI agents.

  • Microsoft also announced a deal with Khan Academy, granting access to AI tools for all U.S. educators.

Model uncertainty presents a significant challenge in deploying reliable deep learning systems.  Reasons, Types, Solutions and 20 Top Python Libraries 📚

Hello devs, if you are preparing for System Design interviews you should also prepare about things like messaging brokers, kafka, rabbitmq, and activemq like what is difference between Kafka, RabbitMQ, and ActiveMQ?, which is also one of the popular questions on Java interviews.

GitHub Copilot Extensions enables developers to build and deploy to the cloud in their natural language with their preferred tools and services without leaving the IDE or It helps developers stay in the flow longer, uplevel their skills, and innovate faster.

Stripe's codebase is mostly written in Ruby and lives in a single large monorepo. It supports a number of services that share code extensively. The company's tooling was built and is maintained by a succession of teams and individuals, with the needs of the environment changing as the team and codebase grew and evolved.

👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Amber (GitHub Repo)

Amber is a high-level programming language that makes it easy to create shell scripts.

Turmoil is a testing framework for distributed systems. It can run multiple concurrent hosts within a single thread to provide deterministic execution.

A monotonic indexer to speed up grepping by >10x.

pixi is a cross-platform, multi-language package manager and workflow tool build on the shoulders of the conda ecosystem. pixi supports Python, R, C/C++, Rust, Ruby, and many other languages.

AI News:

Microsoft just introduced a whirlwind of AI announcements ahead of its BUILD conference, including the world’s first ‘AI-first’ PCs, a feature that allows Copilot to speak, ‘Recall’ to remember everything you’ve done on your screen, and more.

Humane is seeking a buyer after its AI Pin’s underwhelming launch, aiming for a hefty price despite issues. Humane's AI Pin failed to impress users.The company is seeking a buyer, aiming for $750M-$1B. Investors include OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman.

At Microsoft Build, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spoke with Microsoft's CTO Kevin Scott, addressing the importance of AI safety and the remarkable progress of AI systems like GPT-4. Altman highlighted that despite recent controversies, such as Scarlett Johansson's voice imitation claims, OpenAI's focus remains on making AI safer and more robust.

Scarlett Johansson says that OpenAI asked her to be the voice behind ChatGPT — but that when she declined, the company went ahead and created a voice that sounded just like her. In a statement shared to NPR, Johansson says that she has now been “forced to hire legal counsel” and has sent two letters to OpenAI

AI Tutorial

Use highlight ChatGPT for context

ChatGPT now allows you to highlight parts of your answers for quick follow-up questions, partial answer rewrites, reusing old context, and more.

  1. Enter your prompt and generate a response.

  2. Highlight the relevant parts of the response you want to track and click the double quote icon above the highlighted text.

  3. The highlighted text will automatically be added to the next prompt so you can ask for clarifications, rewrites, counterpoints, and more.

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. Clipwing A tool for cutting long videos into dozens of short clips

  2. Haller AI set out to construct an all-encompassing solution that taps into AI’s potential to streamline workflows

  3. AIQrArt is a revolutionizing platform where art meets code, offering unique, AI-generated QR Art that is user-friendly, trackable, and editable

  4. Google AI Platform: Effortless machine learning, speech/text conversion, insightful image analysis.

  5. Sensey is a platform that enriches market and competitive data with AI.

  6. Robopic by StackForward LLC transforms your digital photography experience

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs: 

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