GPT-4o: Learn how to Implement a RAG on the new model

🦾Plus: 🖥️ Elon Musk plans xAI supercomputer

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  • 📈8 Elegant Alternatives to Traditional Plots

  • 🗃️Databases for Data Scientist

  • 🤖Machine Unlearning in 2024

  • 📢 Will AI Make Jobs Optional?

  • 🎙️ The Real Voice Behind Sky

  • 📞 Arc rolls out ‘Call’ feature for AI search

  • 🤖 AI Tools and Data Tools to checkout

The realm of the Big Data industry encompasses various aspects, including data centers, cloud services, IoT devices, and predictive analysis tools. However, what does the industry reveal when examined through raw numerical insights? This is precisely what we aim to explore in this comprehensive roundup of Big Data statistics.

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Semantic caching is a method of retrieval optimization where frequent or similar queries are instantly fetched from the knowledge base by storing them in a cache.

Despite the widespread usage of Jupyter notebooks, many users do not use them to their full potential. They tend to use Jupyter using its default interface/capabilities, which, in my opinion, can be largely improved to provide a richer experience.

OpenAI just released their latest GPT model, GPT-4o, which is half of the price of the current GPT-4 model and way faster. Before following this tutorial, we expect you to have a simple knowledge of file editing and docker.

The CAP theorem is a fundamental principle in distributed computing that outlines the trade-offs a distributed system must make when dealing with three key properties—consistency, availability, and partition tolerance.

Videos to help you learn how to build with Meta Llama models across Linux, Windows, Mac and more!

👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Large language model code completion for Emacs.
End-of-life (EOL) and support information is often hard to track, or very badly presented. documents EOL dates and support lifecycles for various products.

A C-like programming language that is similar to Rust's syntax.

A unikernel designed specifically for running Wasm applications and compatible with WASI.

Open source email management tools to reach inbox zero fast. 

AI News:

Elon Musk’s xAI is reportedly planning to build a massive supercomputer containing 100,000 GPUs dubbed a ‘gigafactory of compute’, aiming to accelerate the development of its Grok AI chatbot.

The first-ever AI beauty pageant has launched, blending artificial intelligence and traditional beauty contest elements. AI-generated images and influencers compete for $20,000. Contest judged on appearance, AI tool use, and social media clout. Finalists to be announced in an online ceremony next month.

Google’s newly unveiled ‘AI Overviews’ search feature is under fire following an outpouring of bizarre and inaccurate responses that have gone viral across social media.

Microsoft and major PC makers this week announced a plan to incorporate artificial intelligence directly into personal computers, adding on-board neural processing units (NPUs) as part of a new architecture that promises better performance, longer battery life, and local AI processing that unlocks new capabilities and features.

Apple will finally tell its own AI story at WWDC 2024, but it may not mean the sorts of showy features demoed by the likes of Google, Microsoft, or OpenAI.

AI Tutorial

🗣️ Bring photos to life with D-ID

The Rundown: D-ID allows users to generate lifelike talking-head avatars from just a static portrait image and a script.


  1. Sign up for a free account on D-ID and receive bonus credits.

  2. Click "Create" and select "Video" to access the video creation page.

  3. Choose a pre-generated presenter, generate a unique AI avatar, or upload an image.

  4. Type a script and customize an avatar with language, voice, and style options.

  5. Click "Generate video" to bring a photo to life!

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. fynk is an innovative contract management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools

  2. Textero AI generates original drafts and suggests strong thesis statements in minutes.

  3. Kallo is a multi-LLM GenAI tool, where users can not only try different models but they can do so with their friends

  4. - Gamified sales, interview, negotiation, and debate practice

  5. Intercept uses AI to help CPG brands identify and dispute chargebacks.

  6. Nuanced claims to have the ability to detect AI-generated images.

  7. Abel helps lawyers review legal documents 10x faster.

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs: 

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A.I. Generated Image of the Day

👀A cat exploring for a treasure (source)

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