💡 GRIT: A Transformative AI Model

🦾Plus: 🍎 Apple cancels electric car project to focus on AI

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  • 🔥 PyTorch Models-Supercharge Them With TorchScript

  • 💡 6 Steps to Cost-Optimized ML/AI/Data Workloads

  • 🌐 What is Google Zanzibar?

  • 📊 40 Best Data Visualization Tools

  • 👀 Klarna AI agent does the work of 700 support agents

  • 🚨 Alibaba unveils EMO: Emote Portrait Alive

  • 🍎 Apple cancels electric car project to focus on AI

  • 💰 Tumblr and WordPress near AI deal with OpenAI

  • 🤖 8 AI Tools

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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With the constant need to develop the Power BI software to make it more accessible and reliable for end users, BI creators need to come together and collaborate often to make these changes happen in the collection of apps and connectors.

GRIT merges embeddings and text generation, redefining AI model efficiency and adaptability. GRIT not only surpasses existing models in efficiency and adaptability but also significantly impacts API infrastructure, indicating a groundbreaking shift in AI technology.

PyTorch is the go-to choice for researchers and practitioners for building deep learning models due to its flexibility, intuitive Pythonic API design, and ease of use.

We share a six-step process for understanding costs and optimizing them. You can follow this process using tools you have today or you can do it easily on the Outerbounds platform which includes convenient UIs for observing and reducing costs, as illustrated below.

This post provides an overview of the Google Zanzibar architecture, which serves as the foundation for several authorization implementations. It discusses the key features and tradeoffs of Zanzibar, highlighting its scalability, availability, and centralization, and raises the question of whether it is a practical solution for companies outside of Google. The article offers insights into the technical aspects and implications of adopting a Zanzibar-like model for authorization systems.

Data visualizations are everywhere today. From creating a visual representation of data points to impress potential investors, report on progress, or even visualize concepts for customer segments, data visualizations are a valuable tool in a variety of settings.

This article tells the story of Browserless' battle with tech debt and how the company completely rebuilt its product.

💡 Tech Talks

So You Think You Know Git

This talk provides insights into advanced Git usage and best practices, presented by an industry expert.

🤖 AI News:

Google's parent company, Alphabet, experienced a significant market value loss of over $70 billion in response to concerns over its "woke" chatbot's bizarre image creation and biased behavior.

 Automattic, the parent company of Tumblr and WordPress, is reportedly nearing deals to provide AI training data from posts to OpenAI and Midjourney – sparking major backlash from users.

Apple says goodbye to its electric car dream, shifting focus to generative AI projects.

Apple cancels its electric car project after a decade. Nearly 2,000 employees were surprised by the news. Focus shifts to artificial intelligence and generative AI projects.

Swedish fintech giant Klarna has leveraged OpenAI's technology to revolutionize its customer service. In just one month, its AI assistant managed two-thirds of all customer interactions, equating to the workload of 700 human agents.

This is the most amazing audio2video I have ever seen. It is called EMO, a method that can generate talking head videos with expressive facial expressions, and various head poses.

Google Messages now integrates AI model Gemini for drafting messages and planning events. Android Auto will use AI to summarize texts and suggest replies on the go.

💡 Teck Talks

The Truth About Building AI Startups Today

🤖 AI Ethics: 

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. Dify.ai is an AI tool focused on creating and operating AI-native apps based on GPT-4 models.

  2. Coach Marlee is the world's first AI coach and utilizes conversational AI technology

  3. BestChat, an AI-powered solution, emerges as a revolutionary tool in the customer support category.

  4. Notta is an AI-based voice-to-text transcription service that supports 104 languages, providing high accuracy

  5. 🎨 BgRem: Unlock incredible AI tools for creating and editing images and videos.

  6. 📊 Vista Social: Powerful social media management tools for brands and agencies.

  7. 🚀 Charlie Lounge: Revolutionize your AI experience with our Unified AI Hub

  8. 🧠 SynthMind AI: Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your thinking processes.

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:

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👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

ingestr (GitHub Repo)

ingestr is a command-line tool that can copy data between databases with a single command. It can copy data from any source to any destination without any code.

Litestar (Website)

Litestar is a lightweight and flexible ASGI framework for building performant APIs.

A tool that allow you to run SQL-like query on local files instead of database files using the GitQL SDK.

Non-blocking Concurrent Computation for JavaScript RTEs (Web Browsers, Node.js & Deno & Bun).

A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Music Artists as professional athletes  (source)

Snoop Dog and Lady gaga

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