🤖 The Many Ways to Deploy a Model

💰 Altman seeks $7 TRILLION for global AI chip initiative

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In today's edition:

  • 🤖 20 ChatGPT Plugins for Data Science

  • What are Semi, Anti, and Natural Joins in SQL?

  • Cyber Physical Systems

  • 📈Visualizing Representations: Deep Learning & Human Beings

  • LoRA From Scratch – Implement Low-Rank Adaptation for LLMs

  • 300+ Open Datasets for Beautiful News

  • ♟️ Google Deepmind Develops Grandmaster-level Chess AI

  • 📈 OpenAI to hit $2B thanks to ChatGPT

  • 🤖 46 startups at Y Combinator working on AI products

  • 🤖AI Tools and news

  • 🖼️ A.I. Generated Image of the Day

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In this article, we will dive into 20 ChatGPT plugins specifically designed to enhance data science workflows and empower data scientists to unlock the full potential of their projects.

ML and AI models come in various shapes and sizes. A simple regression model may be enough to forecast demand for, say, sunscreen. A suite of tree models may be used to recognize fraud. Or, you can perform motion detection in real-time using OpenCV with a few lines of code.

We all have heard of LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, INNER JOIN, and OUTER JOIN, haven’t we?

Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are smart systems that depend on the synergy of cyber and physical components. They link the physical world (e.g. through sensors, actuators, robotics, and embedded systems) with the virtual world of information processing

High-quality data is the fuel for modern data deep learning model training. Most of the task-specific labeled data comes from human annotation, such as classification task or RLHF labeling (which can be constructed as classification format) for LLM alignment training.

Data science is a field that revolves around gaining insights from data, both structured and unstructured. A data scientist uses mathematical, statistical, and other scientific methods and computer algorithms to analyze big data and extract knowledge from it.

LoRA, which stands for Low-Rank Adaptation, is a popular technique to finetune LLMs more efficiently. Instead of adjusting all the parameters of a deep neural network, LoRA focuses on updating only a small set of low-rank matrices.

Here are 300+ open datasets for Beautiful News. Help yourself. New datasheets are added daily.

🤖 AI News:

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in talks with investors to raise up to $7 trillion for AI chip manufacturing. The project aims to address GPU scarcity as the chips are crucial for training and running large language models

This makes Sam Altman’s idea and the semiconductor industry in particular, something really interesting to watch in 2024:

Researchers introduced AiSee, a a wearable device which utilizes a camera, AI algorithms, and bone conduction headphones to help visually impaired individuals "see" and understand their surroundings.

Researchers from Google DeepMind and the University of Cornell just developed a method for AI systems to comprehend events across longer videos better.

Google DeepMind's latest chess AI uses a new approach, moving away from the traditional complex calculations used by famous chess programs. This AI is built on a technology called Transformer and has learned from a huge number of chess games.

In this directory, you can search for YC companies by industry, region, company size, and more.

GOODY-2 is a new AI model built with next-gen adherence to our industry-leading ethical principles. It’s so safe, it won’t answer anything that could be possibly be construed as controversial or problematic.

In a clever Super Bowl ad for Despicable Me 4, Illumination and Universal Pictures take a playful swipe at AI-generated images. Narrated by Jon Hamm, the ad starts with odd AI creations only to reveal Minions behind the chaos

OpenAI’s revenues have surpassed $2B, putting it among one of the fastest-growing technology companies that have posted revenues of $1B within a decade of being founded.

💡 Tip of the Day

Create your own AI agents WITHOUT CODE!!

A robot that can learn to open most types of doors, cabinets, drawers and refrigerators – without human direction – may pave the way for your future robot butler

🤖 AI Ethics: 

Over 200 leading technology companies, including well-known names like Meta, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have come together in a new group called the US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC).

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. Verk- Hire AI employees to add more firepower to your team, who work 24/7 to do sales, be your personal assistant, do graphic designing and more

  2. Codetoflow enables you to understand the code in simple terms using a flowchart which enables you to understand the details

  3. 🤖 AIApply: Revolutionizing the Way You Work with Cutting-Edge Technology.

  4. Figr AI - A model to turn ideas into product design.

  5. Rizzle AI - An AI-driven video creation platform.

  6. Heyday - AI copilot for your own research, notes & conversation.

  7. SaneBox - Read the important emails in your inbox.

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs:

Have cool resources to share? Submit a tool or reach us by replying to this email. 


👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Toolong (GitHub Repo)

Toolong is a terminal application for viewing, tailing, merging, and searching log files and JSONL.

Miracode (GitHub Repo)

Miracode is a readable version of Monocraft, a font based on the typeface used in the Minecraft UI.

A high-level programming language for using computer vision.

Stable Diffusion in pure C/C++

Jakt is a memory-safe systems programming language.

Incus is a modern, secure and powerful system container and virtual machine manager.

A.I. Generated Image of the Day

Harry Potter, but in Bollywood.(source)

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