🤖 OpenAI fault tolerant proxy server

🦾Plus: Build your humanoid robot in less than $1,000

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In today's edition:

  • 🔧Data API Builder for Azure Cosmos DB

  • 🤖Mosaic AI Agent Framework and Agent Evaluation

  • 📊Applications of Data Science in Business

  • 🤖Build your humanoid robot in less than $1,000

  • 🎬 Odyssey’s ‘Hollywood-grade’ AI video

  • Japan Ministry introduces first AI policy

  • 🚨 OpenAI's secret hack exposed

  • 🤖 AI Tools and Data Tools to checkout

Leveraging open-source MLOps tools can significantly enhance this process, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Here, we explore some of the leading open-source MLOps platforms, frameworks, and tools that are empowering developers and data scientists worldwide.

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Ankord: A weekly journal entry written by Milan Kordestani covering the happenings of Ankord and its subsidiaries.

Connecting Dots: @dharmesh on startups, scaleups and strategy

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the Data API builder for Azure Cosmos DB. The open-source project provides REST and GraphQL endpoints to Azure databases and on-premises stores.

Databricks announced the public preview of Mosaic AI Agent Framework & Agent Evaluation alongside our Generative AI Cookbook at the Data + AI Summit 2024. These tools are designed to help developers build and deploy high-quality Agentic and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. 

A lot of production systems rely on a single model API such as Open AI. However, when there are outages it is necessary to automatically route traffic to a back up model provider such as Anthropic or others.

Nowadays data science has become an indispensable and essential tool in the field of marketing and business. It is the decision-making tool par excellence: its forecasting and decision-making efficiency is constantly improving to reach an optimal level of precision.

👨‍💻 Data Tools, Libraries 

Fast full-text search engine library written in Rust.

git-backup is a command-line tool for backing up your Git repositories to Amazon S3 or any S3-compatible storage.

Beta9 is an open-source platform for running scalable serverless GPU workloads across cloud providers.

Entropy is a CLI tool that will scan your codebase for high entropy lines, which are often secrets

AI News:

RX1, an open-source humanoid robot developed by Red Rabbit Robotics, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to assemble their own for less than $1,000. This human-sized robot features two arms capable of grasping and manipulating objects, and it can be operated remotely via computer connection, utilizing either machine learning algorithms or a VR headset interface.

The OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global just announced Thrive AI Health, a new venture developing a hyper-personalized, multimodal AI-powered health coach to help users drive personal behavior change.

Odyssey, a new startup co-founded by self-driving car industry veterans, just emerged from stealth with a ‘Hollywood-grade’ AI video generation platform aimed at revolutionizing visual effects and storytelling capabilities.

Japan's Defense Ministry just released its inaugural basic policy on the use of artificial intelligence in military applications, aiming to tackle recruitment challenges and keep pace with global powers in defense technology.

Saudi Arabia's KFSH&RC marks a milestone with 400 robotic cardiac surgeries and a 98% survival rate. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) achieved 400 robotic cardiac surgeries.

 🔥Top AI tools to increase productivity: 

  1. NexusGPT enables anyone to build, finetune, and integrate autonomous AI agents without touching a single line of code.

  2. EssayGrader is an AI powered grading assistant that gives high quality, specific and accurate writing feedback for essays

  3. Novita AI LLM offers you unrestricted conversations through powerful Inference APIs.

  4. Doc2lang Pdf Translator - Translate document file (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF) on our ChatGPT-powered service.

  5. AIScraper - AI-powered scraping solutions – extract structured data from web pages using a Chrome Extension, API

  6. Suno-list is a platform dedicated to AI-generated music, offering a daily updated AI music chart

  7. OpenL is an AI-powered translation software that supports more than 100 languages

View our database of all the best AI tools for your needs: aitoolsup.com 

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👀 Avengers visiting Tajmahal in india

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